Using PHP Composer with GitHub Repositories

In my new position at GrokSpark, I’ve been building out the company’s 3MS MVP from scratch in PHP.  I’m sure I’ll write a post on why I chose PHP (I can hear the self-righteous and poorly formed opinions about why PHP is awful already), but for now I wanted to focus on something a bit […]

Config Migration

TLDR; I made a thing for migrating my configuration files, I like it, and it’s available for use here: As the technology world settles into the ‘DevOps’ era and begins passing it out to other areas (looking at you, marketing automation), I figured I’d share one of my deployment “pet peeves” and solutions.  Further […]

Weekend Projects Gone Awry, Part 3

Things will be a little different this time. With the two previous entries in this series, I was recapping work on a new idea/project and had to relay information about the project. This time, however, I’m simply extending Part 1 into the mobile arena and trying out some “new” technologies. That disclaimer done…here we go! […]

Weekend Projects Gone Awry, Part 2

The Idea: Outmoded A friend visited me recently in Boston, and while we were being typical lazy gentlemen, the prospect of developing a game together at this year’s Global Game Jam (GGJ) surfaced. Though lately I’ve found it hard to be interested in anything to do with games or game development, but we agreed we’d […]

Weekend Projects Gone Awry, Part 1

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at home, which has produced an odd side effect.  It seems the more time I am left alone, the more I get stuck on ideas without real merit.  Generally speaking, these are passing thoughts at best, but sometimes one takes root and seems dedicated to obstructing real […]